StarNodes (STRZ)


What is Starnodes ?
Starnodes is a Thor fork, but also a first step for a project that aims to bring new experiences
When is the launch ?
The launch date will be on February 11th between 17 pm UTC and 22 pm UTC on TraderJoe
How many people are in the team?
There are 4 people in the team, a web developer, a solidity developer, social media manager, and a community manager. We also recruited 4 people to take care of the community and discord.
Is there a specific reason why we are considering OxGuard for the KYC ?
They are starting to be well known, and we find their service more attractive than their counterparts (Rugdoc for example). They provide the same security, but there is no definitive choice made yet
What's the plan for the contract audit?
We do not plan on doing an Audit right now but it is a possibility we do not exclude
Any plans for doxxing?
Team members do not plan to doxx themselves, we prefer doing a KYC instead
What do the whitelisted get ?
Whitelised people get a free node that we will airdrop right after the launch
Can you provide more details about the Node?
For now, there are simple nodes that require 10 tokens. However, this is planned to evolve after launch to give more options. Stay tuned
Also, what are use cases of the token other than node creation?
We think of creating NFTs they will be mintable with the token and will give reward bonuses when staked
What makes Star Nodes different from the several other nodes out there?
We will add many features over time as said above with NFTs and more incentives to use the token We think of creating a launchpad platform and the allocations would be proportional to the node owned We want to create mini-games that would reward you in tokens and the number of node owned will give you advantages We hope the community will have a say in what features come first with the voting propositions